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Our Story

Somewhere between college applications
and soccer practices, Saltwater Prep was born…

Pacific, Atlantic + everywhere in between. My love for travel started my senior year of high school. Between visiting Malibu on long weekends and our senior trip in Peru, I fell in love with a life that allowed me to travel and work simultaneously. At the same time I was filling out college applications, I started growing my small business. By the time high school graduation rolled around, I had opted out of getting a traditional college degree and decided to pursue Saltwater Prep full time.

I believe that sunshine cures all, that vacations are always a good idea, and that being kind is the best thing we can be. 

These days I spend my time exploring new places, learning from my mistakes, and trying new things every chance I get. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting this small business of mine. -Andrea Vehige 

saltwater prep monogramming story
Group photo from our fall 2018 shoot

Meet the Saltwater Prep Team

It’s not just me around here though! Since 2015, the Saltwater Prep team has been growing and I truly couldn’t do it without them! Angela and Leah are in charge of running the machines + making all of your items. Carla makes sure everything is ordered on time. Ashley helps with answering convos and shipping during busy season. The girls pictured here are our sweet friends who are always willing to model when we have new products come out. 

I am so thankful for every single person who helps make it all happen from the making to the shipping, especially during busy season. All of these ladies love sunshine and vacations just as much as I do and I am so excited to see where we go in the future! 


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