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Take a Tour of the Shop!

December 28, 2020 1 min read

A little behind the scenes action is always fun, right? If you are curious about where all your goods are made, take a little photo tour of where everything happens…

First things first, we call our space “the shop”. Always have, probably always will. I think it originated from the fact that Etsy calls their sellers shop owners and it just sort of stuck. That being said, it makes it sound way fancier than it actually is. No, we do not have a legit store front — though someday we would LOVE to! All of our machines are set-up in my grandma’s basement. Swaaanky.  But she loves us being there and we love our space there, so as of right now, it’s a win win.

The biggest chunk of our space houses a huge desk with all 6 of our machines on it, a shipping station, a computer and a cricut. Like I said, BIG desk. Coming off of that room, I have a smaller room that I use for an office. Having a separate space with a door that I can close when all the machines are running, is really important to me. Also, working in a clean + cute space is always a fun thing! 

Other than that, we have a little room through the back hallway that holds any inventory we have! Our set-up is pretty simple + has everything we need and nothing more — which is how I like to operate!  Thanks so much for taking a tour of the shop!!